Growing up, I’ve always wanted to go Snowboarding. But it took me many years to get at it until I moved to Golden, BC. I discovered a place I called home for eight years and a part of my life where I explored my mental and physical skills on a Snowboard and a Mountain Bike. These sports became my meditation, my passions. Finally, I discovered the best version of myself when I wore my helmet and went up and down a mountain. I mean, what a trip!

Today, I built up my schedule around Snowboarding and Mountain Biking.
I now surround myself with women who live to ride, and we share the same stoke when we can shred together. Being a part of rad communities of Women who share the same extreme passion is unique. They were so rad that I decided to focus my photography on them.

Artistic at heart and dedicated to my vision, my goal as a photographer is to document the Mountain lifestyle explored by Women and Girls who live to ride and are seeking adventures to beat their self-doubt. Visually, my mission is to inspire and invite other communities of ladies to jump into their deepest fear and eliminate their doubts and comparisons.
Nothing is better than putting your helmet on and adventuring in your capacity versus the mountain’s challenges.