French Canadian to the bones, Catheryne has been a resident of British Columbia since 2013 and she does not intend to leave anytime soon. Currently calling Sun Peaks BC home,  she is constantly inspired to photograph the abundance of mountains, lakes and wildflowers that are surrounding the area. She has also a huge focus on documenting local businesses, and adventure-seeking women.

Artistic and passionate, Cath does not back down from new challenges! She trusts her creative instinct, a quality that she inherited from her mom, as well as her genuine authenticity from her dad. Photography has changed her life in multiple ways and she is deeply grateful for it. When you meet her, you’ll no doubt see the dedication she has to her photography and to her subjects. 

Recently going through the entrepreneurial path herself, Cath discovered that when ambition and willpower meet, opportunities and dreams do come true. She realized that her ultimate goal is to simply empower women; to showcase them doing what they love. She is passionate about documenting women in their own environment- whether it be at their businesses built from the ground up or their outdoor stomping grounds.

P.S: The name “La Boréale” is dedicated to her father, with whom Cath shares a strong bond. He always said that if he ever opened a restaurant, he would call it “Le Boréal”. Not having earned a living as a restaurateur, Catheryne fell in love with this idea and wanted not to waste it.