Salut! I’m Cat

(Short for Catheryne)

First of all, I am so grateful you are here because I have many images to show you and lots to tell about you and me. 

Let’s start with the Frenchie – that’s me. 

Growing up in Québec, where nature is abundant, I’ve always connected deeply to what is authentic and raw such as nature and genuine people. 

I grew up surrounded by Art and Music, which brought me to discover myself as an artist at heart. I love creating but mostly, I have an attachment to how and where creativity can happen. Sincerely, everywhere and anywhere.

Since moving to the West Coast of Canada in 2013, I have connected more with myself. I have found a deeper level of creation, mainly through photography. Back in Québec, I used to take photos and videos of everywhere I’d go. Until a few years ago, I never thought that I would think of wanting to become a photographer for a living, but I do. 

Living near endless forests and mountain peaks, I am devoted to capturing the essence of what I see to share my values and beliefs.

My goals as a photographer are now meaningful and fulfilling more than ever. 

My goal as Cat is to give a memorable photography experience to my supporters (you!) by offering them a candid & authentic time with me.

Passionate & spontaneous, I will never give up until I get ‘THE shot.’ 

Behind the lens is a place where I feel curious, inspired and driven.


Do you like Sunrises?

If you do, I think we might have just become friends!

I suspect most people have difficulty being in front of the lens, and I don’t blame them because I am not a model myself. 

I want to help switch this mindset, though! 

I find the light, and you smile and relax. 

I believe that we all belong in front of the camera. We all have something to share or to look at about ourselves that we do not see in the mirror. 

Photos exist so we can have the possibility to freeze time, hold on to an instant and cherish this moment for eternity. 

That is why I exist; to deep-freeze the best version of yourself in terms of images. 

I am committed to capturing what matters to you, such as yourself or even something you love creating or doing.

I will follow you into the abyss of planet earth if it is what it takes to convince you that, visually and clearly, you do have Super Powers. 

So, ready for a coffee and a sunrise shoot?

~ P.S: I also love shooting during Sunsets.