The other day I grabbed my Hard Drive and looked at my travelling photos taken with my Nikon D3100. Let me tell you it was wakening! I’ve always been a photographer; I just never took the time to realize it.
The reasons why I started my own photography business are mostly personal more than professional. My objectives are toward what I believe in & I would like to share them with you simply because you might want to read them in case you were thinking of starting your own business but still doubting.




What’s worse than not believing in yourself? Building self-belief takes time, courage and lots of introspection. If there is no Self-Belief, there is no room for growth, which build up inner critics that follows you everywhere in everything you undertake. Quite sad & exhausting!

You have infinite greatness inside of you.

Let it win over the BS.

Napoleon Hill

I’ve always been strong on my feet and extremely stubborn, which I would think is a form of self-belief because you fight for what is valuable to you, which means you have a voice. Doesn’t mean that it is the voice of an angel ~ mine was more like a teenager in full-on puberty. I was seeking something more meaningful that would positively grow the way I see myself & giving a voice to my values. Looking inwards & exploring your mind is quite a trip but I believe it is extremely beneficial, so I did.  

Building a business based on my values has been the most rewarding challenge I have ever dived into. I have learned how to switch my mindset to become the best & strongest possible version of myself by staying true to my principles & my goals. Slowly, the possibilities are starting to show & I embrace every single up & down that comes along the meticulous path of building my dream since I have faith in myself. To me, that is growing towards Self-Belief. 


New Zealand / Winter 2014 | Nikon D3100

I mean, you know, setting up your schedule. As much as most people think that creating your schedule is the way to go, I have to be honest with you; this is the most difficult aspect of running your own business. Believe it or not, this is as spicy as building self-belief.   

Self-discipline is not given to everyone, and even if it is in you, it does not show up every morning you get out of bed. If so, you might be a Goddess of some kind! I have learned that by thriving in discipline and strategically designing an organized workflow, I have caught myself being more efficient by being selective on the tasks I have to get done. Does it work all the time, oh hell no! Discipline is challenging yet fulfilling when consistency is starting to show up. Sticking to a strongly built Workflow system managed by one single person (Hi, this is me!) can become overwhelming & that is why I think it is important to know when to step away at times. Despite drinking fountains of coffee & having full-time access to my fridge, I genuinely enjoy creating under my roof.





Growing up, my house was filled with instruments, homemade paintings, and DIY & cameras. My parents are both talented in everything that indulges creativity, self-expression & body language. We sing, we dance, we paint, we draw, we don’t give a shit about what other people think (respectfully) & we enjoy being the centre of attention. Technically, I grew up becoming an explosion of dynamic thoughts & endless imagination. Deep inside me, I always knew that one day I was going to produce my show. I didn’t know if this was going to be a successful chapter of my life, but I knew it was going to happen one day or another because it has always been inside of me & I can’t ignore it.

Aaaahhh…the 90’s ⚡️

Did you know your gut is your second brain? That gut feeling inside of you that is trying to tell you to jump in & do it, well it is real.  I have listened to my gut feeling & jumped headfirst into creating, because as simple as it is, I was born to be a creator & this is what fulfills me.



If I was the only human on planet earth, there would be no purpose behind building my dream. My goal is to share my perspectives with you, so I have a purpose behind the objectives of my images. I want to know your expectations, your dreams, your goals, your values & your concerns because I show you mine. You have become the heartbeat of my business by joining me on this journey of mine that is also yours.

    ” If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other’s person’s point of view & see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own

                                      Dale Carnegie

I’ve always been curious about people. The way they think, the way they live & their deepest secrets. You are intriguing to me in a way that I want to get to know you. Everything I am currently building is made to be framed around you & for you. I do it because I have a desire to put my words into action by promising a constant flow of dynamic & fascinating ideas that will continuously develop for your entertainment & for the stretching of my imagination. You push me out of my comfort zone by creating another portal toward new beginnings. While I create for you, I focus on growing my mindset motivated by my determination & gratitude for having taken the action on building an opportunity for myself & a better visual world for you.


Golden BC / Winter 2022

My dad’s spaghetti sauce is the only one that I love. Smoky, tasty & silky. There is no better way to describe my favourite homemade spaghetti sauce. Sometimes, he is twisting the recipe just a tiny bit to make it spicier or thicker. I don’t care, still special & delicious. Do you know what makes it so good & memorable? The love & patience that has been put into it. Not only do you taste it, but you feel it & you smell it. When the energy & time is fully put into one place at one moment, it can become the best combination for a one-life forever recipe. There is no going back, that’s the one! Visualizing the perfect amalgam of your life takes action. From these actions, a blend of compound effects will come along the way to emerge into powers towards definite desire. A sudden understanding of the one-life time frame comes into play. One life, one opportunity should be our motivation to create, to our eyes, the perfect blend we always imagined we would stir. Your determination on finding the perfect recipe for your one life opportunity will come after a few trials but if you don’t at least try, how will you know the taste of it? That is why I am persistent & that I live fully into this journey of mine. I know I will write my perfect recipe.





[…] As I put back my Hard-Drive into its Ziploc bag, my mindset automatically switched. I have reconnected with my inner Superpowers. I now have a message & I shall share it with the world.


P.S: I can’t watch the show ‘Stranger Things’ before bed – it gives me nightmares…. I’m 31.