You are also a creator & Let's prove it to yourself!

Few things you need to know before booking with me

During our photography session together I will be: 

• Listening to your needs, questions, and expectations and making sure that we are on the same page 

• I will want to know about you and your purposes in front of my lens and also in life – because I want to get to know you

• My goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera so I will be guiding you with my sweeeeet voice on what to do and what not to do

• I will make you laugh so be prepared for my Frenchie spontaneous humour – This is also how I get the best candid photos

• Depending on where we are and what kind of shoot we do, I may or may not get you a coffee (from me to you)

• Last and most important, I will encourage you just to be you! 


into quality & memories


Starting at $500

Working in a candid atmosphere and mainly using natural light, this photography session will capture some of your sincere moments and your authenticity in doing what you love creating.

Shooting everything from portraits, events, small business and more, I intend to respond to your expectations.

Our objective together is to enjoy this session by focusing on who you are and your willingness to express the best version of yourself.



~ 2-Hour Photoshoot

~Minimum 30-40 edited photographs

~Location Scouting

~Free Consultation (over  phone or coffee)

~Access to digital gallery (JPEGs)

~Posing guidance

~Professionally edited high-resolution photos within 4-8 weeks


Love, everyone wants it and everyone needs it.

We spend most of our time loving and sometimes we forget to capture it and that is why I am here for. 

This session is intimate and unique in many ways because all couples love so differently and it is always an honour for me to be welcomed into your bubble d’Amour.

From small weddings to magical elopement and couples that simply want to share tons of kisses in front of the lens, I aim to freeze these precious moments for you and forever after. 


~2-10hours photoshoot 

~Amount of photos will depend on the hours spent shooting at the location(s)

~Location Scouting

~Free Consultation (over phone or coffee)

~Access to digital gallery (JPEGs)

~Posing Guidance

~Travel Fees

~Professionally edited high-resolution photos within 4-8 weeks

Couples: Starting at $450

Wedding: Starting at $1800

Elopement: Starting at $1200

Starting at $1800


Adventurous souls and intrepid curious, this one is for you.

This session could respond to your needs if you are simply a natural Indiana Jones who wants to cherish your good old days exploring mountains or if you own a guiding business that is seeking pictures that do justice to your adventurous escapades.

I will follow you for days of trekking, hiking from peak to peak, and mountain biking on glorious trails and into the backcountry of wild infinite terrain.


~2-8Hours (multiple days to be discussed)

~minimum 40-50 photos or more depending on the type of adventure

~location discussed

~free consultation (Over phone or coffee)

~access to digital gallery (JEPGs)

~Mantra ”Know before you go”

~Professionally edited high-resolution photos within 4-8 weeks